Strategic consulting, operational improvement, turnaround management, M&A Advisory

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At Windomar, we understand what it takes from concept to finished product.  In today's global market using yesterdays development and manufacturing cycle is not only detrimental but downright dangerous.  

Our partners at Windomar work with all areas of the organization to streamline processes, rationalize product planning and improve procurement and sourcing locally or globally. 

We know bad things happen and sometimes the 100 year storm comes more often than small and middle market business realize.  We know a way out.  We deliver rational plans and strategies to exercise value for all stakeholders.  

We quarterback the situation and deal with workout departments, debtors, contracted obligations and other stakeholders in order to get things headed in the right direction.   

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Our Windomar team and advisory panel has extensive domain experience across multiple industries.  We provide some of the freshest thinking and strategy when it comes to complex problems and issues facing an organization. 

We provide in depth analysis and potential solutions on a understandable scale and platform.  

Unlike typical investment banks, We do not prioritize “doing the deal” and collecting set fees but rather delivering a mid/long term valuation goal to ensure the proper principles are applied and a strategic plan that encompasses a progression of milestones in growth, profit and development. 

Windomar not only focuses on the financial value but the underlying organizational, product and domain experience to unlock the full potential and profit of the company.


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